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My name is Hammond Brown and I started my professional genealogy service at YourAncesTree after many years of researching my own family tree and those of others. What I enjoy most about genealogy is the way it connects the individual with the past by discovering who our ancestors were and how they lived during their own historic times.

My personal journey began as a teenager growing up in Australia when I asked my grandmother about our family.  Little did I know that the details she gave me would be the catalyst for a fascinating journey of discovery.  It wasn't until many years later, when I returned to Great Britain, and Shropshire where most of my ancestors came from, that I began to research my own family history.  This involved many visits to the local archives (and some not so local) and hours of painstaking research over a number of years.  However, it was well worth the effort as the discoveries were intriguing and placed my family into a historical context that I had never considered before.

Many of us will have family and ancestors who have served in Britain's numerous military campaigns.  Other ancestors may have worked in some of the new industries that flourished during the Industrial Revolution.  These and many more fascinating facts are waiting to be discovered.  If you would like to venture on your own personal journey of discovery then please look at the various packages that are available.

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