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Here you will find an example of my work. The following pedigree chart and pages are excerpts from a book that I produced as Bespoke Research for a client. As such it will contain a greater amount of detail than normal and serves as an example of the care and attention invested in not just the research but in the completed book as well.

When composing your book, my aim is to produce as much of a narrative as possible, rather than just an assemblage of facts and dates.  Nevertheless, use of citations throughout reflects the high standard of research employed. The inclusion of pictures, whether provided by yourself or discovered during my research, will go a long way to bringing your family history alive.

Your book will be produced by a professional printer and book binder using quality materials. There is also the option to have your book leather bound with a marker ribbon and foil embossed title to the front cover - a fitting tribute to your families heritage. The price of this option is £75 in addition to the standard package price. Please remember to select this option when making your order.

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