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Answers to your questions

My probate services involve the researching of family trees of individuals who have died either without leaving a will or without any known living relatives. In these situations if no living, eligible relatives are found then the estate of the deceased will pass to the Crown.

My aim is to see that eligible benficiaries receive what is rightfully theirs.

I do all of this through genealogical research and interviewing family members before combining the results into a final report that will be submitted to the Government Legal Department for approval.

I work on a contingency basis so that if, and only if, the claim is successful do I receive a commission as a percentage of the estate.

If you have received a letter from me, I do encourage you to get in touch, even if you are not aware of any recently deceased relatives. Often the estate will belong to a distant relative that you may not have known.

Why have you contacted me?
I have contacted you as I believe you may be eligible for a share in the estate of a relative who has died, or you may know someone who is eligible.

How did you find me?
I use publicly available records to determine the family tree of a deceased person and locate those relatives who are potential beneficiaries of their estate.

How does it work?
If after speaking with me you are happy with my terms and for me to proceed on your behalf, I will ask you to sign an agreement. I will then compile a comprehensive report that will be submitted to the Government Legal Department. Once this has been approved, I will act as the administrator of the estate and will be responsible for ensuring that all eligible beneficiaries receive their appropriate share of the estate.

What does the estate consist of?

All the assets of the decedent will have been converted into cash so there won't be any property to sell.

How much am I likely to receive from the estate?
The size of the estate, or your share of it, won’t be known until all the rightful beneficiaries have been identified and the application for probate has been made. Once the Government has determined that the claim is valid they will then give notification as to the value of the estate.

How long will it be before I receive anything?
Most claims are relatively straightforward and take less than a year.

Do I have to pay anything?
No. My professional fees are paid from the estate as a fixed percentage commission. If the application for probate is unsuccessful, I will not receive anything and you will not be liable for any of my costs.

Can you put me in touch with relatives?
Due to reasons of confidentiality I will not divulge personal information concerning anyone who may be a potential beneficiary or relative. If however, you are happy to be contacted by possible relatives and would like me to pass on your contact details I am more than happy to do so with your written consent.

What if a will or other legitimate beneficiaries are discovered after probate has been granted?

As administrator of the estate, I will have the legal responsibility for ensuring that all eligible beneficiaries receive their share. Consequently, if new beneficiaries come forward I bear the liability of providing their share.

What happens next?
In order to build a completely accurate picture of the deceased’s family tree I will ask you for further information about your family in order to help with my research. This is essential in order to provide a comprehensive report in support of your claim to the estate.

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