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Two Surname

Discover the ancestors of two specified family names. Assuming that you have information on your parents/ grandparents, we will generally trace them back a number of generations to the early 1800s.

This package aims to find the same information as with the other packages but on your direct ancestors from two specified family names for four generations and can be of your father and mother's family name or any other one of your choosing.

Once again the completed work is presented to you in the form of a hard-back book chronicling the respective family's story usually back to the early 1800s.

This package costs £585.00 and includes:

  • 20 hours minimum research time

  • 'The Story of [NAME] & [NAME] lines' in hard-back book

  • Family Tree Chart, back to great-great grandparent of each name

  • up to 10 official certificates

  • Weekly progress updates (by email)

  • Research directed with your goals in mind

  • Your photographs included in the book (should you wish)

You can either pay for the whole package or pay a deposit of

£292.50 with the balance being invoiced once research has

been complete and the book ready to be delivered.

If you are interested in more detailed research, you may choose one of the other packages on offer.

Please have a look at these alternatives - Seize Quartiers and Bespoke Research packages.

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